Rihanna Just Broke the Internet With Her Blue Hair and Body Confidence

It’s Rihanna’s favourite day of the year. In other words, it’s Kadoonment Day (Kadooment is a bajan term for a big, fun-filled occasion) in her native Barbados, which means she’s pulled out all the stops for the island’s annual Crop Over Festival. For the event’s carnival-style parade, the beauty renegade debuted a new supercharged take on turquoise hair colour, looking like a Manic Panic’d Veronica Lake with glossy, side-swept faux waves that artfully concealed one eye. And her go-big-or-go-home beauty didn’t end there—she added lush lashes, a slick of pink lip gloss, and a row of geometric, forehead-grazing facial jewellery to the mix.

But it didn’t stop there: Following her no-holds-barred response to bodyshamers earlier this summer, it was Rihanna’s glowing, sculpted physique—posted by the pop star in a subsequent Instagram Story —that stole the show. Framed against a backdrop of sumptuous, jewel toned feathers, she wore a bejewelled bikini that spotlighted her hourglass curves and left little to the imagination. Here’s to what’s undeniably her boldest, most body-confident BadGal move yet.