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  • Your Fade Looks Fly

    your fade looks fly

    You might think that your fade looks fly, but chances are it’s nothing compared to the Amasunzu. It’s a traditionally Rwandan hairstyle that was once worn by men, as well as by unmarried women in order to indicate to potential suitors that they were single and of marriageable age. Rwandans have always cherished and loved their […]

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  • Oscars Fashion 2017

    oscars fashion

    Awards season is always a great time to see what’s hot and what’s not! Here we give a run down on our favourite Oscars fashion from this last weekend. Naomie Harris This is our standout look of the night. We’ve all been so excited to see Raf Simons’ first work with Calvin Klein, and this […]

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  • How To Be More Zen


    If the now ubiquitous practice of “mindfulness” is essentially a kind of corporatised variant of Buddhism-lite, you could see Japanese Zen as its full fat (and, less bland) antecedent. Practiced in Japan from the seventh century to the present day, and taught to succeeding generations via one-on-one mentorship, Zen is a form of practical spirituality with […]

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  • How to Be a Michael Kors Bombshell

    Michael Kors Bombshell

    Tomorrow morning, before debuting his Fall 2017 collection, Michael Kors will no doubt be cutting a golden profile backstage against his all-black ensemble. The perennial sun-kissed effect is as endemic to the designer himself as it is to his muse, a jet-setting bombshell who might be found coasting down the Pacific Coast Highway behind the […]

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  • Project Protect


    On the evening of November 1, 2016 a 13-year-old Balinese girl was driving her mother and two younger siblings home on their motorbike when she veered into oncoming traffic and collided with another motorbike. Tragically she and her mother died, and her younger sisters – aged seven and five – survived but suffered severe head […]

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  • Soft Touch


    Olaplex has become famous all over the world for protecting and strengthening coloured hair, but unfortunately it’s not available in Indonesia! However, you can still protect your hair during in-salon colouring by using SMARTBOND from L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL. It will leave your hair feeling more strong, more soft, and more shiny than ever before! SMARTBOND is […]

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  • Urban Surfer

    urban surfer

    Many surfers are so spiritually connected to the sport, they’ll often say they were born to do it. Professional surfer and surf filmmaker Mr Mikey DeTemple was born not to. True, the 33-year-old New Yorker was raised on the beaches of Long Island by surf-obsessed parents. But he contracted a congenital condition in utero, which meant he developed […]

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  • The First LFWM


    Today is the final day of the inaugural London Fashion Week Men’s (LFWM). This is actually the tenth season of shows, previously called London Collections Men’s (LCM), but now renamed to signify it’s equal importance to the women’s shows. TONI&GUY has sponsored the hair since the first year when LCM was just a single day at […]