Double Trouble!

TONI&GUY have always put staff education at the very top of our priorities. It is what grew the business to over 470 salons around the world. Confident and knowledgable staff create happy, loyal clients.

To ensure consistent standards, whether you visit TONI&GUY in London, Paris, Sydney, or Bali, all staff must undertake the same training irrespective of location. We refer to the qualification process and presentation as vardering, which comes from the Swedish värdera – meaning to assess or to determine the value of something.

Recently two of our young apprentices have completed their beginner training and have undertaken their vardering presentations. Ely and Kadek have been with us for approximately two years and have been worked very hard to learn all the fundamental skills required to become a TONI&GUY stylist.

The vardering presentation is a hair fashion show completely organised and arranged by the varderer. It must include a minimum of 14 haircuts to demonstrate the depth and breadth of the skills learnt.

The format of the presentation not only tests hairdressing ability but also organisational skills. The varderers must decide upon a theme for their presentation, then they must arrange models, clothes, makeup, music and choreography to create a complete finished piece. Ely chose the theme of ‘glamour’ whilst Kadek decided upon ‘gothic’.

Both girls overcame the pressure and the stress of creating their presentations and are now fully fledged TONI&GUY stylists. However the learning will not stop for Ely and Kadek, we believe in ongoing education…you never stop learning!