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  • How Long It Took Kim Kardashian to Go Platinum Blonde

    Going platinum blonde is a commitment. And if you have naturally dark hair, actually getting it to an icy blonde shade is also a commitment to basically a full day sitting in a salon chair. Just ask Kim Kardashian West. After revealing her new Mother of Dragons-like hair colour, she took to her app to share her inspiration behind the […]

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  • Streets Ahead

    A spotlight shines on British roadman style this year, with London grime artists now influencing the fashion lines of some of the most famous music moguls stateside. Drake’s new fashion venture, OVO (October’s Very Own), with it’s all-over logo repeat prints and slim-cut tracksuits, channels what is known in London street slang as Roadman style: […]

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  • The New Shag

    Effortlessly on-trend and ultra manageable, The Shag cut has re-emerged as one of this year’s most coveted hairstyles – and no wonder. Following on from the super-starched bouffant and beehive styles beloved of the 1960s, the Shag cut first gained mainstream exposure when Jane Fonda sported it in her role as Bree Daniel in the […]

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  • Rihanna Just Broke the Internet With Her Blue Hair and Body Confidence

    It’s Rihanna’s favourite day of the year. In other words, it’s Kadoonment Day (Kadooment is a bajan term for a big, fun-filled occasion) in her native Barbados, which means she’s pulled out all the stops for the island’s annual Crop Over Festival. For the event’s carnival-style parade, the beauty renegade debuted a new supercharged take on turquoise hair colour, […]

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  • Three Of Our Favourite Outfits From Wimbledon

    Although we witnessed one of the best tennis matches in recent memory yesterday, the exploits of Messrs Rafael Nadal and Gilles Müller are not currently the point of discussion in the Essensuals salons when it comes to Wimbledon. Instead, in a rather shallow fashion, we are looking to the stands and seeing what the punters are wearing. But […]

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  • Beauty For The Boys

    Once upon a time, male grooming was limited to bar soaps and shaving foam. Now the industry is upping it’s game and things are looking very pretty indeed… The past decade has seen men’s grooming grow from industry afterthought to a serious business worth an estimated £798million in the UK alone (according to Mintel). From the […]

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  • Yak 55

    yak 55

    Friday evening we celebrated the launch of The Yak 55. The launch party was held early evening in the courtyard of Da Maria, and attended by all of the Bali movers and shakers! We’ve loved working with the The Yak since we first moved to Bali, and we believe it’s still the best best magazine […]

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  • Met Gala 2017


    The Met Gala 2017 was a tough one to dress for. Forget “black tie with a hint of pink” or “dress to party”. This year, the exhibition, Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between, demanded attire that was “avant-garde”. First predicted by Suzy Menkes during Paris Fashion Week (following the presence of both Anna […]